Eddy Bishai is one of New York City's most gifted keyboard players 
and is making his mark in the Music Entertainment industry as a 
Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer. He is also recognized
to be a phenomenal Hammond B3 organist and can easily 
adapt to a wide variety of styles including Pop, Rock, Jazz, 
Funk, Blues, and Gospel to name a few. 

     Eddy was first introduced to the piano at age 4 and continued 
Classical training for 15 years with the Royal Conservatory of Music 
of Toronto (Canada). During this time he also began to learn some of 
his favorite songs by ear and experiment with improvization. His early 
influences include Chopin, Henry Mancini, Ray Charles, The Beatles, 
Sting, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Canonball 
Adderley, Jimmy Smith, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and The Oscar Peterson 
Trio. Born in Montreal, raised in Ottawa, he was encouraged by his 
art-loving family to continue developing his talent and to pursue his 
dream to become a world class musician. So off he went to study Jazz 
Piano Performance for 2 years (1997-99) at the University of Miami 
(Florida) receiving a Music Scholarship and making the Dean's List. 
Then in 1999 he made the big move to Manhattan where he finished his 
degree at The New School University, earning a BFA in Jazz and 
Contemporary Music (2001). Eddy had the privilege of studying and 
performing with some of the greatest Jazz instrumentalists including 
Junior Mance, Reuben Wilson, and Grady Tate. 

     While completing his undergrad, Eddy formed his own soulful organ 
trio known as THE GROOVE with alto saxophonist Gary Pickard and 
drummer Evan Pazner. This group quickly excelled and played in music
clubs all over the New York Tri-State area and even had the 
opportunity to open for Marian McPartland at the 6th Annual Northfork 
Jazz Festival (Sept. 2001) receiving great reviews. The GROOVE was 
also featured in JAZZIZ Magazine (Oct. 2003) and was included on a 
short list of the hottest student players. One of Gary Pickard's 
original tunes (The Slick), recorded by THE GROOVE, could be heard on 
the compilation CD which accompanied this education issue. 

     Eddy plays in a variety of groups including one featuring the dynamic 
combo of Cuban harmonica ace Felix Cabrera and guitarist Jimmy Vivino 
(from Late Night with Conan O'Brien). He also performs at corporate 
events and private parties  as leader of The Eddy Bishai Trio as well
as a solo performing artist. For over a decade he has been performing the 
music of Ray Charles with the all-star band Forever Ray and was 
recommended by Angie Workman, one of Ray's very own back-up  
vocalists (an original 'Raelette') for the last 11 years of his famous career. 

     Eddy has an amazing gift of being able to combine well-crafted lyrics with 
cool grooves which often crossover between genres of R&B/Soul, Pop/Rock,  
Jazz/Blues, and HipHop. When all is said and done his studio recordings have 
a sound that can only truly be defined as Eddy Bishai style.  And as he performs  
on stage, the connection he has with his audience is a reward in and of itself; 
music has always helped to transform and encourage him and he wishes 
the same kind of joy and positive experience for all his fans. They 
say a picture is worth 1000 words...well, a song is worth 1000 
pictures...at least for Eddy Bishai it is. 


"Mr. Bishai is an extremely gifted keyboard player...I am also looking 
forward to sharing the stage with him again at the nearest 
opportunity.  Should a position ever open up on Late Night with Conan 
O'Brien, I would strongly consider Mr. Bishai as a leading candidate 
for a place on our distinguished bandstand." 

Jimmy Vivino  (Music Director/Arranger: NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien) 

"I'm telling you there were moments where I thought Ray was playing 
behind me and that he was alive again - it was pretty amazing." 

Angie Workman  (back-up vocalist for Ray Charles for 11 years -  a "Raelette") 

"This is the kind of extraordinary talent that belongs to Eddy Bishai, 
a pianist and jazz organist who continues to attract audiences and 
receive critical acclaim throughout New York City and abroad...his 
music consistently leaves his listeners cheering for more." 

Katarina Lundblad  (Associate/Corporate Relations & Sponsorships: 
Carnegie Hall) 

"Athough the group is fantastic as a whole, Eddy Bishai is an amazing 
talent who stands out.  For a young man, he seems to have captured the 
soul of the rich tradition of American jazz.  His keyboard playing 
perfectly meshes with the lead trombone player...and then, when he 
hits his solo, Mr. Bishai's fingers seem to fly." 

Robert Smith  (New York Correspondent:  National Public Radio (NPR) ) 

"I recently worked with Eddy Bishai and his group "The Groove" at the 
6th Annual North Fork Jazz Festival...Organist, Eddy Bishai, was 
exceptionally good and I'm sure has a fine career in music ahead of 

Marian McPartland  (legendary Jazz pianist and host of  NPR's  "Piano Jazz") 

"The Groove was not only equal to the task, but their astonishing 
singular style was highlighted in choosing "Georgia".  Not just jazz, 
not really blues, but jazz with the spice of rhythm and rock.  As the 
openers for Marian McParltand, The Groove was wildly cheered and 
barely allowed off stage." 

Dan's Papers  (article "McPartland meets The Groove" by Lise Visser) 

"Pickard's composition, "The Slick" (featured), showcases his swinging 
alto over trio members Evan Pazner's precise drumming and Eddy 
Bishai's Jimmy Smith-like Hammond organ. 

JAZZIZ Magazine 

"For this reason, JAZZIZ and The New School University has selected 
the music of Eddy Bishai, Gary Pickard, and Evan Pazner to be featured 
in the October 2003 Education Issue.  This outstanding 
trio...undoubtedly deserves the spotlight in our next issue and can be 
heard on the compilation CD.  We believe that this vibrant jazz 
ensemble deserves international recognition for its highly creative 
original material as well as its exciting blend of improvisation." 

April Thelwell  (Marketing Manager:  JAZZIZ Magazine) 

"...I can honestly say he has proven himself to be one of the most 
talented and incredibly gifted keyboard players that I have ever come 
across.  Eddy has been performing with my group for the past year and 
within less than a month of his joining, we began to receive coverage 
on National Public Radio as one of the best performing groups in 
America (July 4, 2003)." 

Alex LoDico  (leader of The Alex LoDico Ensemble)